About US

CONC Technology Co., Ltd. is a company formed by a group of designers and engineers who've been in the consumer electronics industry for over 10 years. Most of the team members worked in well-known firms such as HP, Foxconn, Huawei, etc. In the past 5 years, the team has been awarded high-profile design awards including the Red Dot Design Award.

CONC locates in Longgang District, Shenzhen. It has 40,000 m2 factory with the latest equipment for audio product production.

CONC has manufactured some of the best-selling electronic products in the past, and it has also helped design and manufacture some products for recognizable brands. Surge 3D is the third headphone and second Bluetooth 5.0 headset they've released.

We believe convenience is not an excuse for awful audio, and we are proud of the extraordinary audio performance in all our products.